Wedding Celebrations

Well, on Saturday just gone, I was not only a guest at a Wedding, I was also the official photographer. The Wedding was that of a good friend of mine Dave Gurnhill to Christina Lally, and was to be held at the Elvetham Hotel, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire. The day started nice and early with me getting there just after 11am. This was mainly because I wanted to do a recce of the grounds again, to see where the ‘must have’ photos could be taken as it was really hot with not a cloud in the sky. At 1pm it was up to Christina’s room to take photos of her getting ready and then at 2pm, Dave was due to arrive.

The ceremony started just after 3pm and then it was out onto the lawn at the rear of the venue to celebrate and start taking the official photographs. I had until 5pm to get all the necessary photographs in and thankfully with the help of Steve Pratley who was with me, taking the reportage photos and organising the posed shots, we finished on time, much to the relief of the Toastmaster, Eric Gill. Having enjoyed a wonderful meal, photographs were taken of the speeches, cutting of the cake and then on into the night… All in all, it was a fantastic day – hard work which required a change of clothing, but well and truly worth it. Dave & Christina are now away on their honeymoon in Cape Verdi so I have until the 1st May when the return, to sort through all the 771 photographs and come up with a top selection to present to them as a slideshow prior to arranging their Wedding Album.

Retirement Present

I said on a previous post that I’d been out taking photos of some of the guys from CO18 Aviation Security onboard the now retired Concorde at London’s Heathrow Airport. As one of the guys, namely a good friend of mine John Steele, is due to retire at the end of the year, using Adobe’s new Photoshop Lightroom Software (which is a MUST for any serious photographer) I sorted through the images to see if I could make a leaving present / reminder for him. I’ve attached one of the final images to show what I came up with; tweeking them a little in Lightroom and adding a few of my own touches in Photoshop. Good on you John!!!

Additions to the Portfolio

Well thankfully there seems to be a never ending supply of people who are willing to be part of my new portfolio. For the time being, I’m looking for singles, couples, in fact anyone that’s willing to put themselves infront of my lens so that I can build up a more extensive portfolio to submit to the B.I.P.P. (British Institute of Professional Photographers) for my Licenciship. As a way of saying thankyou, one print is given free but any others are charged for. The photographs attached to this post are a couple of the ones taken in the last 10 days; all with the 1 metre softbox, lastolite collapsible background and a white lastolite reflector.

Busy times

Well the last few weeks have been really hectic, but thankfully, very productive:

Back on February 24th, after studying for what seemed like an eternity, I sat and passed the Adobe ACE exam. As well as other things, this was one of my goals and it was such a relief to pass. Any of you that use Photoshop, in particular CS2, will know what a massive program it is. Well, I didn’t want to be someone that just plays at it; my personality is to push myself to constantly learn more and more. The good thing about Photoshop is, no matter how good you become, you never stop learning. By the way, the qualification gives me the A.C.E. which is short for Adobe Certified Expert.

I’ve also recently come back from a 4 day course in the Peak District going over Portrait and Wedding Photography techniques; in particular concentrating on studio lighting. This was at the “Peak Photography Centre” just outside of Buxton and to put it in laymen’s terms, it was AWESOME!!! The course instructor for the 4 days was Simon Watkinson – a truly outstanding photographer with incredible knowledge. The photograph at the top of this post, is of a very good friend of mine, Albi Mancinelli and his beautiful wife Clare; I took this recently to show the type of lighting effects learned on the course. (Click on the photo to enlarge it).

On the photography front, I’m now a member of the Royal Photographic Society and am also pushing for Licenciship with the B.I.P.P. (British Institute of Professional Photographers) so, as well as having the Adobe Certified Expert, I’ll also have my Licenciship (another goal achieved).

Anyway, I guess that’s enough for now, so I’ll sign off and catch up with you soon.
Cheers, Glyn