Turning Video into Photos with Photoshop CS6 (Video)

Hi Folks,

How’s things?

How good were the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations; such a great few days:)

Ok so for today I have a video for you that I have recorded and it’s all about turning your video footage into photos.

So what do I mean? Well nowadays there are so many ways that we can record video; we have the traditional hand held camcorders, our mobile phones can now record in High Definition and of course DSLR’s can too. More and more I’m finding myself watching back video footage and thinking that certain parts of it would make great photos but the question is…how can we do that?

Well in this short video tutorial I’ll show you how using Photoshop CS6 you can convert the frames that go to make up your video into image files and what’s more it’s incredibly easy; hope you enjoy it:)

As always if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to make use of the comments section below but in the mean time,


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  • June 6, 2012 - 6:24 am

    DaveT - Thanks Glyn, this is a potentially useful tool for capturing a still from an action sequence. The only downside I can see is creating lots of Jpeg files but I suppose you could just delete the ones that aren’t required.

    From your experience so far of using video files,do you store your video files on a separate drives to your images?


  • June 6, 2012 - 9:40 am

    Glyn - Hi Dave,
    Yeah the disadvantage is that there can be alot of files created but the advantage is that you don’t get the ‘blur’ that you would if you tried to scrub through the footage and then copy/paste the contents…if that makes sense.

    As for storing video footage…funny you should say that cos I’m now getting an external drive to store it on :)

    Glyn :)

  • June 7, 2012 - 4:36 pm

    DaveT - Thanks Glyn, yes it makes sense.

    The video footage thing looks as it might be a real space hog so I too am looking at a separate hard drive for my video clips, hence my question.

    I want to keep the video clips separate from my stills, and I am also thinking of creating a separate catalogue in Lightroom just for the video footage.


  • December 22, 2012 - 12:16 am

    Dylan - Hey Gly, thanks for this video it’s almost specifically what I’ve been looking for.

    However, I was wondering if there is a way to render the video into frames but have the frames remain in Photoshop so you can edit each one? In CS5 they had the Animations panel but now it seems that has been replace with just the Timeline that only allows you to edit it as a whole.

    I’d like to be able to separate the video into images and edit each image/frame right in Photoshop.

    Thanks again!

  • December 9, 2013 - 8:10 pm

    Research & Reference-the character brief | FndCharlotteWatson - […] Here’s the site I used when learning how to strip video’s back to stills in photoshop, (normally when I don’t know how to do something on photoshop there’s a ton of tutorials online, try deviant art if all else fails): Glyndewis.com […]

  • February 13, 2014 - 6:55 am

    Zachary Ryals - When I try to do this it says it cannot render due to the fact
    that the video is open! I do not even understand

Check out my Webinar on RetouchPRO this Saturday

Hey Folks,

I’ve a quick post for you today in between all the (wet) Diamond Jubilee Celebrations to give you more details about my first webinar with RetouchPRO this coming Saturday 9th June

Ok so in the webinar I’ll be covering every single step of the retouching that went into my Running Late picture and because it’s ‘live’ it will be very much an interactive session where I’ll also be answering any questions as they come in from folks watching.

So what will you be going through?
Well I’ll be covering how to flip an image to create a unique background, cloning, HDR Toning, adding details, cut outs, adding in a new sky, colour manipulation, dodging & burning, how to change a facial expression and much more…

So how much does it cost and what time is it on?
You can register for the webinar at a cost of just $10 over on the RetouchPRO website here [Link] and the webinar will be aired live from 6pm UK time.

How long will the webinar last?
2 hours has been set aside for the webinar but I’ll be there to take any questions afterwards too:)

What if I can’t tune in for the Live Webinar?
No problem. RetouchPRO will have the whole session recorded and available for rental in their video section at a cost of $15 for 3 days.

How can I Register?
Easy. Head on over to the RetouchPRO website at this [Link] and 1 hour before the webinar starts you’ll be sent joining details.

Really excited about doing and look forward to catching you online:)

Right, I’m off to carry on with all the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations so whatever you’re up to have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,


•RetouchPRO website [Link]

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News: Online Training, Newsletter & Facebook Updates

Hi Folks,

Well here comes the weekend packed full of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and I can’t wait:)

The Village here has really embraced the occasion with all manner of activities going on so I’m sure I’ll be posting a few bits and pieces at some point.

In the mean time though I’ve a few things to share with you to wrap up the week all to do with Online Training, my Free Newsletter and a Facebook update.

Online Training
Last Sunday I released my online training video recording ‘The Making of Homeward Bound’ and it’s great to see so much positive feedback coming back:

  • “Just watched the first 20 mins of the tutorial.  Bloody Brilliant” ~ Mil Gadhia
  • “This is great stuff, Glyn!” ~ Nathaniel Dodson
  • “Thanks for the great Training video! Very Cool!” ~ Mark Imhof

Registering to receive the video which includes 65 minutes of Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques showing how the final image was put together initially cost £5 up to and including the day it was released.

I’ve had a few people contact me asking if it’s possible to purchase the training now the release date has been and gone and I’m glad to say yes to that as in the next few days I’ll be adding the ability to purchase the training straight through the site at costing £10. I’ll keep you posted when that goes live and becomes available.

Huge thanks to everyone that has already purchased the training; it’s great to know that what’s covered has been well received:)

Quick mention about my Free Newsletter to let you know that Issue 3 will be ready to send out this coming week.

Lots of Photography and Photoshop related news and goodies coming up PLUS everyone who signs up gets a free 40 minute video of Photoshop Tips and Techniques…

You can sign up for free here [Link] or by clicking the graphic on the right side of the screen.

Facebook Scheduling
This week Facebook has seem some updates starting to be rolled out. No, unfortunately not to the App (which I’m sure is the reason for my hair loss) but adding in some useful functions: Promotions and Scheduling. Promotions I’m kind of on the fence about at the moment but Scheduling…yeah I’m liking the sound of that:)

It is as you would expect i.e. the ability to write posts and have the post appear on your time line at a time and date of your choosing. Now although I prefer the spontaneous posts that go out on Facebook and the feedback it encourages, I think the ability to schedule certain specific posts for anything up to 6 months in advance is a very useful addition; what about you?

Now the Scheduling function isn’t available to everyone just yet as it’s only now started being rolled out. How will you know you’ve got it? Well, the little clock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the share box (where you post status updates, upload video etc…) will have turned from grey to blue…

Right, that’s all from me so have a great weekend and whatever you’re up to have a good one and I’ll see you back here in a few days,


Right…now to put that Bunting up:)

  • June 4, 2012 - 8:02 am

    Fajar - Thanks a lot sir.

Let’s talk video…

Hi Folks,

Today I just want to share a couple of very powerful videos I’ve seen online but before that let’s quickly mention video and Photoshop CS6.

All the videos that I post on my YouTube page in the past have predominantly been edited using iMovie but over the last few months I’ve been working my way around Adobe Premier Pro…which I have to say is superb! However the video I posted online yesterday Photoshop Technique: Adding Colour to Highlights was edited completely using Photoshop CS6.

Verdict? I like it! Sure it’s no Premier Pro or iMovie for that matter but when you look into what’s possible such as using adjustment layers on video footage the future and seeing how it develops is going to be very interesting indeed.

There’ll always be the question of ‘Why when we already have video editing software would you use Photoshop?’ and I don’t think that will ever go but just looking at how quick and easy it was to edit the footage for yesterday’s video, for something like that I’d be very tempted to stick with Photoshop, and yeah sure if it’s a video I want to do more to then I’ll turn to Premier Pro.

Just a thought but it could be a great way for folks to use one piece of software for their photo and video editing rather than buying a number of software titles…what do yo think? What do you use to edit your video?

So have you got Photoshop CS6 and have you given the video editing a try? It used to be that video could only be imported into Photoshop CS5 Extended but now it’s available in both versions of CS6.

Anyway I just thought I’d throw it out there and see what your thoughts and opinions were…good or bad:)

Motivation and Inspiration
I’ve always been intrigued by high achievers…the Richard Branson and Steve Jobs types. What is it that makes them tick? What makes them what they are?

Over on my Facebook page I’ve linked to a couple of videos of Steve Jobs recently that have made quite an impact on me, so I thought I’d share them here for you too; the first being Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address at Stanford University from 2005 and the second is from an interview when he was at NeXT Computer in California:

Powerful stuff huh?!?

As always if you have any questions or comments, particularly about video and Photoshop CS6 then feel free to make use of the comments section below but in the mean time, whatever you’re up,


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Photoshop Technique : Adding Colour to Highlights (Video)

Hi Folks,

How goes it?

Ok so today I have a video for you that I recorded showing a Photoshop technique for adding colour to highlights.

So what do I mean? Well, you may have photographed someone in the studio but not used coloured gels and then when you’re in Photoshop you add some light into the scene like a street light, a neon sign or maybe even some fire from an explosion. In this case it would mean the light you add in during editing and the original highlights on your subject don’t match.

As you would expect with Photoshop being such a huge piece of software there are countless ways we can go in and change the colour of the highlights but here’s a way that I use 99% of time and is both super fast, super easy and super realistic…which is always a bonus right?:)

As always if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to make use of the comments section below, but in the mean time whatever you’re up to be sure to have a good one,


>One more thing…I usually edit my videos in either iMovie or Premier Pro but this one was edited entirely within Photoshop CS6; very cool, not to mention easy:)

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  • May 30, 2012 - 1:46 pm

    Darren House - Great tip lighting is always such a give-away and this really tricks you into believing the light is real :)

  • May 30, 2012 - 2:53 pm

    Johnathon Brock - An excellent example/tutorial that shows exactly what you did and exactly how we could repeat it. Top class work on every level.

  • May 30, 2012 - 3:04 pm

    Paul Howard - Awesome Glyn! Bloody awesome!

  • May 31, 2012 - 8:13 am

    David Kelly - Excellent stuff Glyn! Nice and simple but highly effective.

  • June 6, 2012 - 6:38 am

    DaveT - Very useful tip. It’s those added details, like using the sub menu in the blend if option, that really lifts your tutorials to another level.

    Thanks Glyn

  • June 6, 2012 - 9:39 am

    Glyn - Cheers David ;)

  • June 6, 2012 - 9:41 am

    Glyn - Hey Dave, you’re welcome.
    Thanks for looking in,
    Glyn :)

  • June 15, 2012 - 7:20 am

    Let’s talk video… » Glyn Dewis - [...] Adobe Premier Pro…which I have to say is superb! However the video I posted online yesterday Photoshop Technique: Adding Colour to Highlights was edited completely using Photoshop [...]

  • June 21, 2012 - 2:19 pm

    Tools of the trade – sort of … | Faces of Vegas - [...] has so many really helpful Photoshop tips, it makes you dizzy. Here’s one: Photoshop Technique : Adding Colour to Highlights. Take your time and have a look around his site – even when you’re a pro retoucher you’ll [...]

  • March 10, 2015 - 10:07 pm

    Tools of the trade – sort of … | Faces of Vegas - […] has so many really helpful Photoshop tips, it makes you dizzy. Here’s one: Photoshop Technique : Adding Colour to Highlights. Take your time and have a look around his site – even when you’re a pro retoucher you’ll […]