NEWS: Kick Boxer, FREE Photoshop Brush and The Photography Show

Hi Folks,

So it’s the day before the first ever UK Photography Show starts so I’m currently checking over my presentations making sure everything is in order.

In addition to that I’ll also be giving my Successful Shoots…Guaranteed talk tomorrow morning to an invited audience which is being filmed in preparation for a project we’re currently working on, so a busy few days ahead but I can’t wait!

Anyway getting back to today’s post I’ve a few things to share with you so let’s get cracking…

First off here’s a couple of new pictures which very nearly weren’t:)

Well what I mean by that is the original files were ones that I’d disregarded and considered as rejects from a photo shoot, mainly because of being test shots and being underexposed, lighting not quite right and so on. However just a little time in Lightroom and Photoshop and it can be fun seeing if you can salvage something…

I’ve never been one for throwing files away. I tend to keep everything from a photo shoot and nowadays doing so isn’t such an issue as the price of memory storage is getting less and less.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I’ve recently had a completely new Backing Up system installed and I’ll be putting some videos together so you can see what I’ve gone for any why. Whilst moving files over it’s been a great excuse for having a tidy up and organising things a lot better and it’s doing this that meant I stumbled across these two files and couldn’t resist having a play.

If you missed this week’s episode of my podcast / show then I take you through the complete retouch of the image above. The episode is slightly longer than normal as it’s around the 30 minute mark but there’s a lot of stuff packed in. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel here [Link]

Also you can check out larger / better screen quality versions over on my 500px page here [Link]

This past week I made some changes to my Monthly Newsletter sign up page whereby now when you subscribe I’ll send you a link to download a FREE Photoshop Special Effect Snow / Debris brush that you can install and use on your own pictures.

The next issue of my newsletter will be coming out in just over a week so if you’ve already subscribed you’ll be getting the link too…I couldn’t miss you out now could I?:)

If you haven’t yet subscribed you can do so by clicking on this [Link] or by clicking on the NEWSLETTER option in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Subscribers generally will get 1 email each month updating on all kinds of things including new tutorials, downloads, reviews, news, discounts on tutorials / workshops and more.

If you’re coming along to the UK Photography Show starting tomorrow, I’ll be there teaching classes each day (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) so be sure to stop by and say hi.

Here’s a reminder of the sessions I’ll be covering over the days on the Adobe Stages PLUS for those of you who sit in I’ve prepared a little extra something for you;)

Right that’s all from me so have a great weekend whatever you’re up to an hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you at the NEC over the coming few days.


PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to turn a BAD picture into a GREAT picture #37

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that the latest episode of my weekly podcast / show is now ONLINE!!!

This week I take you through the entire retouch of a picture from out of camera to the finished print ready version BUT focusing on how to turn a BAD picture into a GREAT picture.

The original starting image was a test shot taken at the very start of a photo shoot and actually a file I’d completely disregarded and thought of as a throw away HOWEVER seeing as I keep all the files from every shoot, from time to time I’ll revisit these throw away images to see if something can actually be done to make it portfolio worthy…

The technology we have at our finger tips these days with incredible sensors in our cameras and constant updates and improvements to Lightroom and Photoshop is definitely allowing us to push things that much further than we ever could; to the point where we can (at times) literally make something from nothing.

That being said, you can’t and never will beat getting the best possible file in camera but it’s a a lot of fun playing that’s for sure:)

Hope you like the video and as always feel free to share it with as many others as you like.

Thanks for the support and I’ll catch you here next time,

February 27, 2014 - 11:20 am

Glyn - Thanks John and thanks for looking in; I really do appreciate the support. ;)

February 26, 2014 - 4:40 pm

John Skinner - Great tutorial Glyn.

That bit with the lights added and the different than usual color gradient really made it pop. I was a little shocked at he final image size being 1.32 GIGS !! WOW. I don’t think my system will handle an image that size on a good day.

But it was a lot of food for thought on the ‘looking back through older images’ and see what can be done.

THANKS for all this great and valuable content. I have taken away SO much for the last year or so following you and your style.

NEWS: New Photoshop Book, Backing Up and a FREE Seminar

Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Hope you had a good weekend.

Lots going on this coming week so I’ll have to make this a quick one.

A few things to let you know about so here goes…

Ok so the much anticipated Volume II of Corey Barker’s Best Selling Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks book has just hit the shelves in Amazon!

At the moment it’s available in the Kindle Store and expected to be available as a hard copy book on the 3rd March.

I guarantee you this book is going to sell out judging by all the sneak peeks we’ve had of the content and remembering how Volume I was received so I DEFINITELY advise pre ordering.

Check it out on Amazon here:

Oh and there’s a couple of folks in there you might recognise:)

I’ll be recording some videos and doing a couple of write ups about this but I’ve now finally, thanks to Chris Fields of CHNO Technology, got what I believe is the perfect solution for my Backing Up needs.

As photographers / retouchers I think it’s fair to say that if there was one thing that’s common between us all is our concern about losing files to a dreaded Hard Drive failure. They (whoever they are) say that a hard drive is only ever in one of two states: Failed or about to Fail so with that in mind it’s more a case of making sure you have backups of backups and so on; not necessarily an easy thing to configure.

Anyway this little lot from CHNO Technology has me covered both for my main machine AND when travelling so I’ll let you know real soon what it is.

In the mean time here’s a link to my friend Chris Fields and CHNO [Link]

Also make sure you check out their blog as Chris regularly posts handy tips, tricks, did you know’s to do with technology and solutions particularly for photographers.

Now I can’t say too much at this stage but there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes developing my Successful Shoots…Guaranteed talk which in short is a formula that guarantees each and every time you take your camera out and have a photo shoot you get EXACTLY the results you wanted!

It’s been fantastic getting such positive feedback from folks who have seen the talk and found it incredibly useful so we thought we should take it further and make it widely available.

The first stage of this is happening this coming Saturday 1st March where I’ll be giving the talk to an invited group of around 25 people and this is being filmed but here’s the thing…

If you’d like to come along and hangout for a couple of hours this coming Saturday (FREE) to be part of the audience for this filming just drop me an email to

You’d need to be in Bicester, UK for 11am but spaces are limited to just 25!!!

At the end of the filming I’ll also go through some retouching techniques for those who came along; a kind of FREE mini 1 hour presentation

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and hey hopefully I’ll see you Saturday!

Catch you in the next post,


Hey Folks,

I hope you’re doing good.

Lots to tell and show you over the coming days so to kick things off I wanted to let you know about some BIG Events coming up in March…

The Professional Imaging Show in the Netherlands and The Photography Show, Birmingham NEC

A 3 day event spread over the 29th, 30th and 31st March 2014 and this will not only be my first time instructing there but it’s actually the first time I’ve ever been to the show!

I seriously cannot wait for this. I’ve heard so many good things about the show and how it’s the biggest show in The Netherlands…it’s going to be amazing. And if that wasn’t enough I’ll be out there teaching with friends Joe McNally and Frank Doorhof too before we all then head out to Atlanta, USA for Photoshop World! It’s certainly gearing up to be one heck of a year:)

Here’s a look at just part of the schedule for the 3 days…

If you’re coming along to the show be sure to say hi; it would be awesome to catch up with folks who read this blog and/or watch my YouTube Channel / iTunes Podcast:)

•For more information and tickets click this [Link]

We’re just over a week away now from the very first of the UK’s ‘The Photography Show’ and to say I’m excited could well be the understatement of the year so far:)

To even touch on what is happening over the packed four days would take way more than one blog post so make sure you head on over to the official show website to find out more, but with the BIGGEST names in the industry being present this most definitely is NOT the NEW Focus on Imaging..far from it!

As well as being an instructor at the show with sessions each day I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some of the behind the scenes and I seriously mean it when I say that folks who come along are in for a real treat! The UK has needed something BIG for a while now and I reckon this is going to fit the bill well and truly!

If you’re going to be there, make sure to head on over to the Adobe Stages during the day as there’s a packed schedule of classes / sessions from a number of instructors.

I’ll be there teaching several Photoshop related sessions over the few days of the show namely:

10:30 – 11:15: Pro Retouching using Adobe Photoshop

11:30 – 13:15: Adobe Photoshop Retouching Master Class
15:30 – 17:00: Adobe Photoshop Retouching Master Class

11:30 – 13:15: Adobe Photoshop Retouching Master Class
15:30 – 17:00: Adobe Photoshop Retouching Master Class

•For more information and tickets click this [Link]

It’s most definitely an exciting time and this is only touching on what’s happening over the next few weeks; 2014 has lots more in store so with all that’s going on so I really do hope to see some of you at the events!

Have a fantastic weekend whatever you’re up to and I’ll catch you back here in a few days.

February 25, 2014 - 4:27 pm

Andrew Perkins - Hi Glyn, will definitely be there for this one, looking forward to it!

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Still Life Retouching Techniques #36

Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Today I’ve a new episode of my weekly podcast / show and this time I’m taking you through the complete retouch of my recent COUNTRY BOUQUET picture.

In the video “Still Life Retouching Techniques” I start off by explaining about the photography side of things and in particular why I placed some grey seamless paper behind the flowers as a background.

Then it’s on to the retouching where I take you step by step from out of camera to the final print ready picture and at the very end I add a painterly/abstract effect using both a filter within Photoshop and a plug in by Topaz called Simplify 4.

Hope you like it:)

I’m really liking this new Simplify 4 Plug In from Topaz and think I’ll be bringing it into a lot more images to some degree or another particularly as the effect can be tweaked to create exactly the look I’m after AND be used as a Smart Filter; which is ALWAYS a good thing:)

Up until the end of this month Topaz have a 40% OFF deal on Simplify 4 so if you do want to get your hands on it just use the following code when you go to the link below:

Discount Code: febsimplify

Topaz Discount Link:

Right that’s all from me for today so as always if you have any questions / comments about anything in this weeks video please feel free to make use of the comments section below or drop me an email to

In the mean time though I’d really appreciate it if you could let others know about this video and indeed my YouTube Channel so they too can subscribe and keep up to date with all the latest FREE videos as they’re posted each and every week.

Thanks for the support and I’ll catch you next time,