WILDEBEEST: New Picture PLUS Making Of

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I thought for today I’d show you a new picture in my Animals project PLUS a look at how the picture was made.

First off here’s the final picture which I’ve called Are we nearly there yet?


The final image has been made up from a total of seven separate images; 4 of which you can see below and the remaining three being the vultures you can see way in the distance that I’ve also used in previous pictures.

The Wildebeest was photographed when out at Woburn Safari Park here in the UK and the field and sky are just 5 minutes from my front door…

This was first time out at the Safari Park taking just my new Fuji X-T1 and I just couldn’t be happier with the results.

The picture below shows a zoomed in shot in Lightroom of one of the Wildebeest I photographed using the X-T1 and the Fuji 55-200mm lens. I’ve been extremely pleased so far with how this camera is performing plus of course how light, small and portable it is, but in addition to that it’s how sharp images are that is quite stunning…

Now just one thing to mention when out taking photographs of the animals for this project…

I always photograph them with an aperture of around f/8.0 to f/11.0 and the reason for that is so that all of the animal is sharp and in focus which will make it a little easier to cut out but will also look more realistic when added into the scene  in the final picture

When I’m photographing the background elements I’ll use exactly the same settings and will also photograph them from roughly the same height as when photographing the animal. I’ll also aim at a point on the ground within the field which is roughly the distance the animal was originally away from me. Taking the time to do this means that the depth of field and perspective all match when putting all the elements together.

Making Of…
The series of pictures below will give you an idea of the stages in Photoshop to put this picture together starting with the building a larger field, then adding the sky, the colouring, the Wildebeest once cut out from their original background etc…


The Final Image…

Ok so there you go … a brief look at how I photographed and then composited the final picture.

As always if you have any questions / comments then feel free to email me glyn@glyndewis.com or leave a comment below but in the mean time the weekend is upon us so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here in a couple of days.


•You can check out a larger version of the final image over on my 500px portfolio page [Link]

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to Remove Fence Lines #49

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Ok so seeing as it’s Wednesday here’s a new episode of my weekly podcast (#49) and in this video I show how using Photoshop you can remove those blurry fence lines you get in your pictures when photographing animals in their enclosures at wildlife parks, zoos etc…

Hope you ‘Like’ it and as always make sure you click on the SUBSCRIBE button and please feel free to share with others.

ps> I’ve also included a link so that you can download the same picture that I use in this tutorial for you to practice on.



Cannock Workshop – Thanks for a GREAT day!!!

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Well this past weekend saw the latest of my Photoshop Mastery workshops with this one being held in Cannock, Staffordshire.

A Sold Out workshop I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along with folks travelling from all over including Mohammed Alharbi who had travelled all the way from Saudi Arabia to join us; just the thought of that completely blew me away.


  • Hey Mate, just to say thanks for today.. really enjoyed it and will defo be back for more – Luke Ashord
  • Hey Glyn, just wanted to say thanks for today, another informitive and inspiring course! – Jamie McAllen
  • Thanks V.Much for today. Was brill! – Sharon Spencer
  • Many thanks for the course and instruction yesterday was great once again. – Lewis Romane
  • As usual Glyn, what an inspiring teacher. It was worth every pennies. Your teaching style- fun and make it sounds so simple. – Amanda Glasspell
  • Was a great day had by all - Stewart Wood
  • This was a great course that helped me crack something I’ve been struggling with for months. I don’t know where you get your energy from Glyn but you seemed as pumped up at the end of the day as the beginning. Thanks! – David Travis
  • Many thanks for yesterday. It was a great day and I learnt a hell of a lot. I’ve been to many workshops and tutorials in my time, both professional and personal ones and the amount of instruction and information that you covered was way above most of what I’ve experienced previously, and you made it very easy to understand. - Andrew Wainwright
  • Thank you for yesterday’s workshop. Almost everything we did was new to me and I’ve learned so much - Lambert Davis

•   •   •

A Great day with a Great bunch of people!
I’ll be releasing a new date for the next Photoshop Mastery workshop real soon.

I’m also now finalising details of a brand new 2 day workshop that will take attendees through the entire process of planning a shoot, then out photographing at various locations and studio followed by day 2 when the images are then retouched; all working to a specific brief so as to give everyone complete focus on what it is they’re out to achieve in their final client ready image.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the dates as soon as we’re ready to roll!

And lastly, make sure you head on over to David Travis’ website and check out his Project section [Link]

David’s a great photographer and was one of the attendees yesterday and I’ll let him tell you the story behind the shot by you reading his post but I just had to show you this; I love the idea, well executed but more so I think it’s great how he’s running with a project.

Way to go mate and thanks for including me!

Ok that’s all for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

Interviewed by Photoshop Artist and Tutor Andrew Kavanagh

Hi Folks,

Just dropping in to let you know that I was recently interviewed by Photoshop Artist and Tutor Andrew Kavanagh for his Interview with... series.

HUGE thanks to Andrew for including me in this great series that has been running for a while now with previous interviews including folks such as Bert Monroy, Dave Cross and more…

Andrew posed a number of questions ranging from how I started through to thoughts and predictions on the future of Photography and Photoshop:

  • •What is your title and can you explain what your daily responsibilities are?
  • •What inspired you to become a Photographer / Photoshop Artist? Why did you pursue this as a career?
  • •What did you think is the biggest obstacle to pursuing a career in the creative fields?
  • •With all the new versions of Photoshop what changes do you personally feel are the most exciting or brilliant?
  • •Which Photoshop Artists / Creatives do you follow, and why do they stand out from others in your opinion?
  • •Which social media networks do you like most? Which present good examples of Photography / Photoshop the best?
  • •What is your prediction of the evolution of social networks? How do you think these networks will showcase artists better in the future?
  • •What predictions do you have for the future of Photoshop and Photography?

You can check out the interview HERE

Right that’s all from me so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here next time.


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Discounts and Updates: Topaz, Photoshop Live and Nik Analog Efex Pro

Hi Folks

Hope you had a good weekend.

Thanks again for stopping by especially at the start of the week.

Today I’ve a few updates and discounts to let you know about; all Photoshop related in one way or another…

50% OFF Topaz Clean
Any of you that have followed this blog for a while will know that one of my favourite range of plug ins are made by Topaz Labs; I’m a BIG their Clarity and Topaz Plug Ins.

Over the past few months I’ve also found myself using Topaz Clean more and more to add finishing touches and give some of my pictures that painterly / cartoon look to some degree or another.

Topaz Clean is also great for softening skin but also maintaining realism as opposed to giving that over done porcelain skin that you see from time to time; all done very quickly and easily as is the way with Topaz Plug Ins.

CLICK HERE for 50% OFF and use the code MAYCLEAN

An example of how I used it in a little project to create that painterly / cartoon look can be seen in the video below:

On the subject of favourite Plug Ins, Google have just added Nik Analog Efex Pro to their line up of software.

Analog Efex Pro gives you the ability to explore and add the look and feel of Classic Cameras, Films and Lenses and I really do think this is a great new addition to the Nik range and it’s one I’ve been experimenting with for a number of weeks as one of the Beta Testers

In the near future I’ll be releasing a number of videos showing some alternative ways I’ve found to use the software too for adding special effects.

NOTE: If you already own the Nik Collection of Software Analog Efex Pro is yours for FREE!!!

Check it out HERE

The last thing to let you know about today is a discount available on tickets to Photoshop Live coming up in Brighton, UK on the weekend of the 18th and 19th July 2014.

Photoshop Live is the first event of it’s kind in the UK and promises to be a Photoshop Love Fest packed full of classes in design, retouching, compositing, 3D, Character Design and more…

To order your tickets and to get 20% OFF just CLICK HERE and use the code speaker20

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here next time.